Add a Bohemian Twist to Your Home With Jungalow Wallpaper

Jungalow wallpaper features florals and fauna that are perfect for adding a bold bohemian touch to any space. These designs aren’t for minimalists as they incorporate rich colors, patterns and textures that work well with wicker furniture and embroidered pillows. Justina Blakeney, who founded the brand, encourages fans to “Decorate Wild!” She has even written two books about her style.

The Jungalow style is defined by saturated colors, especially teals and other rich hues. Bold botanical motifs and other exotic imagery are also a signature. This swaying palm tree design from the Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney Sure Strip is one example. It showcases multiple types of Phoenix palm trees in jewel-toned greens, blues and yellows that are perfectly placed on a dark forest green background. This prepasted vinyl wallpaper requires no special paste and goes up like a sticker, making it an easy way to spruce up a breakfast nook or playroom with jungle-inspired flair.

A more subtle take on a jungle theme is this white and gold tiger motif from the Chaya Wallpaper by Justina Blakeney. The tiger, known for its powerful roar and fierce instincts, is an ancient symbol of protection, luck, health and good fortune. This intricate design is filled with golden flecks that shimmer in the light. This eye-catching paper wallpaper is a great choice for a master bathroom or a dressing room, and would look beautiful paired with a gold vanity and woven baskets.

Another popular Jungalow motif is an abstract animal print like the Hide & Seek Animals Art Print by Maheswari Janarthanan. This colorful abstract design is a perfect match for any modern and eclectic home. Its large scale is also a good complement for oversized wall decor, such as horse paintings or framed photographs of giraffes and other safari animals.

In addition to a wide range of patterns, Jungalow products feature a lot of natural imagery, such as forest scenes and zoological motifs like the zebra savannah garden pot by Justina Blakeney. Whether you’re a fan of wildlife or not, this collection is sure to spark your creativity.

For an extra pop of color, consider a jungle-themed mural or decal. This savannah zebra wall decal from the Opalhouse x Jungalow collection is made in collaboration with Target’s commitment to source and design more products with Black creators. Its geometric pattern looks striking in a living room or bedroom, and it works well with neutrals and metallics as a complement to other tropical-inspired decor like this cobalt terracotta vase.

This unique brand has a following of die-hard fans who are passionate about their style and who love their bold colors, patterns, wildlife and joyful design. They’re a perfect fit for anyone who loves Anthropologie and can’t get enough of artisanal Etsy finds. They’ll also love how these pieces complement their tasseled cushions, woven furniture and plant-loving lifestyle.

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