Choosing Black Wallpaper For Walls

Black is the colour of prestige and luxury, the hue of choice for sleek tuxedos and elegant evening gowns. It’s hardly surprising that it’s also a sought-after tonality for those aiming to define a bold feature wall in their home, able to draw attention and create a dramatic focal point that immediately sets the tone of the space.

From bold florals and minimalistic geometric lines to large-scale graphic Pop Art designs, black wallpaper for walls is available in a wide range of patterns. Its chameleonic properties make it ideal for emphasising contrasting colours or enhancing textured wallpapers, like the raised Anaglypta designs.

While black wallpapers are most commonly used in the bedroom, they can be incorporated into living areas as well as dining rooms and kitchens. The bold, dramatic design of a black kitchen wall mural works well with deep red shades to accentuate the decorative details in your space. A black deco wallpaper paired with a floral motif can work as an impressive backdrop for your dining table.

When choosing a black wallpaper for your walls, you’ll need to consider the colour scheme of your furniture and existing decor. If your existing décor is dominated by greys, whites and neutrals, a black wallpaper will complement the overall look perfectly. On the other hand, if your home has predominantly dark pieces of furniture, a black wallpaper would provide an excellent contrast to the colour scheme and bring an interesting twist to your decor.

For those who want to keep their walls more subtle, a black wallpaper with a grey, green or blue colour palette will fit the bill. The colour combinations are endless, so you’ll be able to find a shade that will suit your taste and match the rest of your room’s furnishings perfectly.

Black and white wallpapers are also an option, as they work beautifully in a wide range of different styles. For example, a geometric black and white wallpaper would look fantastic in a bedroom or living room, particularly if the pattern features light and pastel flowers. A black floral wallpaper like the Paradise in Monochrome design works well as a bedroom mural, but it could also be hung as a feature wall in your living room.

Alternatively, a black and white stripe wallpaper would be perfect for a dining room or living area, especially if it has red accents. The contrasting colours will really highlight the pattern and give your room an impressive design statement that’ll really set your home apart from others.

Once you’ve found the perfect black wallpaper for your walls, the installation process is easy as can be. First, you’ll need to prepare your walls for the wallpaper by cleaning them and sanding down any bumps or scratches. Once you’ve sanded your walls, you’ll need to prime them before you can apply the black wallpaper. After priming, it’s important to let the primer dry before you can begin the installation process. It’s also essential to find a level spot to start the installation from, as you don’t want your new wallpaper to have an uneven or crooked finish.

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