Choosing Wallpaper For a Small Bathroom

Wallpapering a small bathroom can be a great idea if you’re trying to add a touch of personality to the space. Before you start looking for the right wallpaper, measure the walls from top to bottom. If possible, add two inches to the top and bottom of the walls to ensure that the wallpaper will match. Small bathrooms tend to have small walls, so be sure to measure this carefully before you start. This will help you choose a pattern that fits the space.

Light-colored wallpapers look great in small bathrooms. Wallpapers in light shades will make the space appear more spacious. Consider using wallpaper with a mosaic tile design to give the room a unique appearance. Small bathrooms are especially apt for wallpaper with mosaic tile patterns, as it allows for colour coordination. Choose wallpaper in a light colour that can be painted over in a similar colour. That way, the wallpaper will blend with the room’s existing colour scheme.

Wallpapering the walls behind open shelving can add visual interest while adding contrast. Because the shelves in the bathroom are mostly used to display bath salts and luxury toiletries, you don’t want to overpower the space with a large floral print. For a soft, nature-inspired design, try using papering behind the open shelving. You can also create an off-balanced look by wallpapering two walls of the space. This will give the impression of more space and create a focal point in the room.

To create an interesting look, wallpaper in light, airy colors can be an excellent choice. You can also choose wallpaper in an oversized floral pattern. One of the best things about wallpaper for a small bathroom is that it won’t overwhelm the space. A light color that can be accentuated with warm brass accents will add an extra tropical touch to the bathroom. And if you’re concerned about the maintenance of the wallpaper, flat designs are better suited to small bathrooms.

Wallpaper in small bathrooms can also be more bold than in other rooms. Bold patterns will attract attention and distract from the bathroom’s other design features. Consider a neutral background instead of a bold pattern to hide your toilet paper holders or sink. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to consider the style of your bathroom when choosing the right wallpaper for it. If you can’t decide between a bold, eye-catching print or a subtle, muted colour, go for it.

If you want to make your small bathroom look luxurious and stylish, opt for a blue and white patterned wallpaper. This type of wallpaper adds a playful, yet intimate atmosphere. A turquoise bath mat sits on white hexagon floor tiles and compliments the blue and white patterned wallpaper. White subway tiles and a mirrored cabinet complete the design. Choosing a wallpaper with a calming color scheme is a good way to give your small bathroom a boost of personality.

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