Choosing Wallpaper For Walls

Wallpaper, a type of wall covering sold in rolls or meters, has long been an important design element in homes, bringing color, pattern and texture to the walls. It is also a versatile and inexpensive option for changing up a room’s style or making a bold statement. It is available in a wide variety of styles and prints, from traditional florals to stripes and damasks to more modern geometrics and abstract shapes. When choosing a wallpaper, it is important to consider how the paper will fit in with your furniture and décor, and the overall feel of the space.

Many people avoid using wallpaper because they worry it will look dated, but this is no longer the case. New innovations in manufacturing and installation techniques have made modern wallpapers a sophisticated choice for any home. Papers are now available in a range of finishes, from hand-painted papers to high-performance nonwovens that come out flat and are a snap to install. With so much to choose from, the possibilities for creating a beautiful, cohesive space are endless.

Unlike paint, wallpaper has an immediate impact and can instantly transform a room. It can create a focal point by establishing an accent wall, highlighting specific elements of furniture or decor pieces, or delineating different rooms within open concept spaces like studio apartments.

When deciding on a wallpaper, it is important to think about the flow of the room and how guests will move through it. For example, if you are planning to use wallpaper in the living room, it is important to consider how you will get to that space from other areas of the house. This will help you determine what kind of wallpaper you need and how much you will need.

Another consideration when choosing wallpaper is the colors that will be used in the space. You want the wallpaper to complement the existing color palette of your furniture and decor, not clash or fight with it. If there are patterns in your upholstery or drapery, opt for a wallpaper with a smaller scale so that it will complement them rather than compete. If your furnishings are solid-colored, try a textured wallpaper to add warmth and dimension.

Once you have chosen the style of wallpaper and the colors that will go with it, it is a good idea to order some samples before committing to a roll. Most vendors will be happy to send you a swatch of the wallpaper that you are considering, so you can see how it looks on your wall and decide if it is the right fit for your room. It is also a good idea to measure your wall before ordering, so you can accurately calculate how much wallpaper you will need. Many online wallpaper retailers have interactive software that will allow you to upload a photo of your space and play with the different options to find the perfect fit.

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