Creating an Invigorating Workspace With Office Wallpaper

When you’re working from home, your work space is the only place in the house that’s entirely your own – and that means you have complete freedom to express your style. Use this freedom to your advantage with office wallpaper that energizes and inspires, or create a calming oasis of solitude with a more restrained office design. We’ve got home office ideas to suit any taste, from bold prints and textured patterns to soft neutrals that help keep focus and productivity high.

The first step in creating an inspiring workspace is to define a clear purpose for the room. Whether it’s to handle correspondence, plan projects, or simply sit down with a laptop and get some work done, this is your chance to really let your creative juices flow. A tropical office design, for example, evokes a sense of adventure and is ideal for those who want to bring some extra energy into their WFH workplace. Or try a tessellated pattern like this trendy California-style office wallpaper that blends a geometric motif with needle palm leaves for a balanced, contemporary look.

Choosing the right color scheme is just as important as your office wallpaper design. The type of work you do, your level of interaction with clients and customers, and the size and layout of the space will all dictate what shades of wallpaper for an office are most appropriate. Typically, neutral shades of white, beige, grey and black are suitable for general office work, whilst more expressive shades of blue, red, green or yellow can enliven more creative office areas.

If you have a dedicated work area, choose office wallpaper that is washable so that it can be scrubbed and wiped clean. This will make it easy to remove stains, marks and any other messes without having to repaint the whole room.

Aside from the practicalities, a well-decorated office will add a sense of professionalism to your workspace and set a professional tone for any clients or customers who may visit. This is especially true for those who work from a spare room at home, in which case a statement piece like office wallpaper is the perfect way to divide your workspace from other living spaces and give you that defined, separate home office feeling.

Rather than redecorate your entire room, Nicole from Making It Lovely chose to turn an empty closet into her workroom using this Ornithology Wallpaper. This helped to create a focal point for her room that sets the tone for her work and has become her kids’ favorite part of the house! This type of office wallpaper can also be used in smaller rooms or even as an accent wall to help you create a visually appealing, calming environment. Just remember to make sure that your chosen wallpaper for office is Class A fire-rated and meets any other specific commercial interior design or architectural requirements. It’s also important to ensure that any paint or paper products you choose for your workspace have the correct environmental quality and safety certifications and testing standards in place.

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