Designer Wallpaper For Walls

Designer wallpaper for walls is a high-impact way to transform a room. It’s available in an infinite array of colors, patterns, textures and themes. This makes it possible for anyone to express their personality and create a space that is uniquely their own. The key is to research a wide variety of options to discover the styles that inspire and excite you.

A well-known brand such as Thibaut, Anna French or Ralph Lauren offers a vast selection of designs in a multitude of colorways and finishes. Their wallpapers can make a strong impression in a living room, bedroom or hallway. For example, a dramatic damask design can add instant opulence to a foyer or entryway. A bold zig-zag pattern or brightly colored jazz motif can also make a strong statement. Often, these brands offer coordinating fabrics for a complete look.

Creating a new designer wallpaper for walls requires an artist’s eye for pattern and symmetry, impressive drawing skills, and the ability to work with a client to bring their vision to life. The process usually starts with an initial sketch that is then fine-tuned to produce a fully fleshed-out illustration. Once the design has been approved, the wallpaper designer will then send it to the engraver or screen-maker who will print it onto the paper stock used in the finished product.

In addition to a creative eye, a designer wallpaper for walls must stay on top of interior design trends. They may be responsible for designing a specific collection or a line of wallpaper that is sold under an established brand name, so they must be able to understand and interpret customer demand. Designers who create custom prints will also need to be able to meet deadlines and stay within budgets.

Many wallpaper designers work for major decor and wallpaper companies, but some pursue a more independent path by setting up their own studios. They can produce a private line of wallpapers that is only sold through their studio or they can sell their designs to other manufacturers who then produce them for the retail market. These independent designers often work in partnership with a fashion designer or stylist who can help them promote their work and gain exposure to potential clients.

High-end designer collections are generally sold in limited quantities and at a premium price. The quality and luxury aspect of these wallpapers is based on a combination of elements including the designer’s own style, the carrier materials, special finishes and the production equipment required.

Designer wallpaper for walls can be textured, embossed or printed with a flock design. Textured papers are easy to clean and hang, while embossed wallpapers have a velvet-like raised appearance. Those with a flock design require a special clear paste for installation. These designs can be made to be washable or water-resistant. Flocks are made with tiny flakes or fibres that cling to one another for an incredibly detailed aesthetic. Some are even crafted from natural materials such as banana leaves, water hyacinths or mica stones.

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