Feature Wall Wallpaper

If you’re not too keen on bringing in lots of different patterns or prints into your home decor, feature wall wallpaper is an excellent alternative. It allows you to make a statement that’s not too overbearing and that you can easily change up or add to in the future as your tastes evolve. It’s also a great way to bring a touch of interest to a room that isn’t quite finished yet.

Thumbing through wallpaper samples or high end home decor collections is a wonderful pastime and there’s something special about finding a design that gives you that instant tingle or makes you smile every time you walk past it. It’s even better when that design is perfect for your feature wall!

A good feature wall needs to stand out and look distinctive from the rest of the room, so bold colours are a good idea. Patterns are also really popular with many of our customers, from floral designs to geometric wallpaper and animal prints. But bear in mind that if you’re going to use a pattern on your feature wall, it’s important to keep in mind that it will need to be large enough to make an impact but not too overpowering or busy.

Darker wallpapers can look amazing as a feature wall too, especially if you go for a black or charcoal wallpaper. They’re a great choice for adding opulence to any room and can be matched with metallic accessories and furniture. If you want to bring a little bit of elegance to a living room or dining room, consider the Arthouse Euphoria Floral Pattern Plum Wallpaper (PS12 per roll) or the Rasch Art Deco Fan Wallpaper in Black Metallic Gold (PS16 per roll).

Another good option for a feature wall is a brick effect wallpaper. There are plenty of options out there from the Muriva Bluff Embossed Brick Effect Wallpaper (PS15 per roll) to the Arthouse Euphoria Floral Print Dark Red Wallpaper (PS12 per roll). You could also try a more subtle brick wallpaper, such as the Arthouse Opera Chinoise Printed Songbird Wallpaper (PS16 per roll), which has a delicate illustration of songbirds on a soft yellow background.

You can create a feature wall even on walls that are partially covered by furniture or a mirror. For example, the bathroom is a common place to put up wallpaper for a feature wall as it’s more likely to be covered by a toilet and vanity unit. Here, a small-scale or geometric pattern would be a good choice as it will match the other fixtures and fittings.

One thing to remember about feature walls is that you will often need to paint your walls before putting up the wallpaper to ensure a crisp contrast. To make this easier, you can use a plain or textured wallpaper as the base layer before adding your patterned wallpaper over the top. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made feature wall wallpaper such as the Massingberd Blossom Wallpaper at Little Greene.

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