Home Wallpaper – Making a Comeback

Wallpaper used to have a bad rep: It was seen as something for chintz-loving grandmas or high-end designers. But it’s making a comeback with improved materials and smarter patterns. Adding it to a room can transform the space by providing character, texture and depth. Choosing the right style is key: Do your homework by looking at different options online and visiting showrooms.

The most popular home wallpaper options are pre-pasted and vinyl-coated papers, which offer easy application, resist tears and are resistant to water. Some are washable, which helps when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the room. These wallpapers are durable and can be printed with a wide range of colors, shapes and textures.

Textured and fabric wallpapers are also available. While they are beautiful, they aren’t as durable and may require more maintenance than other types of wallpaper. They are also not recommended for rooms that receive direct sunlight, as the sun can cause fading over time. They are also not good for rooms prone to moisture, as humidity causes the paper to wrinkle and flake.

Other options are nonwoven wallcoverings, which are made of fused fibers rather than paper. They are water-resistant, and they can be resized, which makes them easier to hang than traditional wallpaper. They can even be used in bathrooms.

While traditional floral and leaf patterns continue to be the most popular wallpaper styles, a few bold designers are pushing the boundaries. One Brooklyn-based studio, Stories for Walls, has a cheeky pattern called “Safari Gangsta” that features wild animals in hip-hop gear. Another, “Ode to the Unhasty,” features sloths, snails and slow-growing bristlecone pines.

Wallpaper can make a big impact in small or odd-shaped spaces. It can turn a powder room or a bedroom nook into a stunning, personalized space. If you’re considering using wallpaper, consider your lifestyle and design aesthetic before settling on a pattern. If you have young children, choose scrubbable wallpaper that can withstand more frequent and thorough scrubbing than a standard fabric print.

A new generation of wallpapers is taking inspiration from art and pop culture. Designers like Glasgow-based firm Timorous Beasties are transforming traditional botanical prints with dark and edgy images of modern life, while artists such as Deborah Bowness and Tracy Kendall have created bespoke papers that look more like installations than traditional wallpapers.

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