How to Choose Wallpaper For Room Walls

Wallpaper is a popular way to add interest to a room. It can help you create a theme, add subtle accents, cover up imperfections and produce patterns that cannot be achieved with paint.

It can also help you save money by minimizing the need for painting. In addition, it can hide holes and blemishes in walls and is easily peelable or strippable for frequent redecorating.

Choosing the right wallpaper for a room is a critical part of creating an inviting space that your family will love to spend time in. Here are some tips to help you decide which type of wallpaper is best for your home and design aesthetic:

Choose a pattern that is subtle enough to balance the rest of your decor. Avoid a busy pattern, as it can overwhelm the room and make it feel chaotic or cluttered. Instead, select a pattern with soft shapes and blurred lines that will not overpower your furniture or other accents in the room.

Pick a color that will make your space feel comfortable and cozy. Darker colors will make your room feel more intimate, whereas lighter colours can make your room feel spacious and airy.

Texture is another important consideration when picking a wallpaper for your space. Textured wallpapers offer a more tactile, three-dimensional effect and are often embossed to mimic materials like leather or tin ceilings.

You can also try textured wallpapers with a smooth matte finish for an elegant and refined look. It is ideal for bedrooms or living rooms, as it will provide a stylish backdrop that will not detract from your furnishings.

It is also a good idea to consider the texture of your furniture and other accessories in your space when deciding on a wallpaper design. For example, a textured fabric will not only give your furniture a more interesting, tactile surface, but it can also mask any holes or stains in the wall that might otherwise be seen through the wallpaper.

The texture of your paper can also be used to reflect light in a dark room. If you are battling with an overly dark corner in your bathroom or a ‘dead’ space underneath your stairs, then you should consider using wallpaper that has a shiny texture to brighten up the area.

Depending on the style of your wallpaper, you may want to pair it with other elements that tie in with it. For example, a large tropical leaf or floral pattern can look great paired with a handwoven rug or mirror in a bedroom.

If you are decorating an entire room, you may want to use the same pattern throughout. But, if you are planning to use a bold pattern on an accent wall, then you should keep the rest of the room fairly neutral so that the wallpaper stands out and creates a focal point in the room.

You can even use the same pattern on one wall and then a different style of pattern on the other to create a symmetrical design. This is a popular technique that is easy to achieve and will keep your wall from looking too bare and boring.

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