How to Create a Feature Wallpaper Living Room

Feature wallpaper can be a fantastic way to make your lounge look more exciting and interesting. It can create an eye-catching focal point in the room, draw the eye to an existing piece of furniture or even break up a large open space. The choice of patterns and colours is endless so you can find a design that works for your space.

We have a huge range of wallpaper samples so you can see the design and texture before you buy. The best way to work out which style of wallpaper will suit your living room is to take some time with a pencil and paper, and sketch out the dimensions of your room with your chosen wallpaper in place. This will help you visualise how the design will look in your space and will allow you to experiment with different ideas.

The key to creating a great feature wallpaper living room is in the balance of your scheme. Too much pattern can overwhelm a space, so try to incorporate the design into other parts of the room so that it acts as an accent rather than a statement. If you do want to use a louder wallpaper, opt for a small print or stripe, which will create more of a subtle impact.

One of the most creative ways to use wallpaper is by framing it – it’s easy enough to do and can add a touch of drama and intrigue to any wall. This look is particularly good if you are worried that your wallpaper may be too overwhelming for the space, as it allows the pattern to shine through, but is toned down slightly by the painted wood detailing.

Another fun way to use patterned wallpaper is to line shelves with it. This creates a really chic look, and is especially effective if your shelving holds a lot of art or framed family photos. The wallpaper acts as a backdrop that makes your decorations pop, and can also make the whole shelf look larger.

A monochrome palette works well with a patterned wallpaper, and the addition of black can help make the room feel more luxurious. It’s important to consider your overall colour scheme, however, and to make sure that the shade you choose will work with your soft furnishings and accessories.

Another great option is to use a neutral wallpaper for a feature wall, as it can create a very stylish and elegant effect. Alternatively, pinstripes can look just as smart on a wallpaper as they do on a suit, and are perfect for creating a streamlined designer look. If you’re working with a small space, using a dark-coloured pinstripe can also be an excellent solution for making the space feel bigger.

If you’re looking for a more child-friendly feature wall idea, we have a wide range of fun designs, including animal wallpaper prints and picture collages. These are ideal for children’s bedrooms and playrooms, and can be used to add a sense of fun to the space.

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