How to Use Bathroom Wallpaper to Transform a Small Bathroom

While paint might be the classic decorating material of choice for bathrooms and en-suites, wallpaper can make a stylish impression and bring a bathroom idea to life. Bathroom wallpapers are specifically designed to cope with steamy conditions and are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, perfect for injecting personality into a small space on a budget.

Toile wallpaper, popular since the 18th century, brings a French countryside feel to any powder room. The traditional pattern depicts romantic rural scenes against a neutral backdrop, making it an ideal option for small spaces. The floral and nature-inspired motifs in this design accentuate the white walls, creating a fresh and airy atmosphere.

For an eye-catching effect, choose a wallpaper that is bolder in scale than your existing tiles. Larger patterns can elongate walls and make a small space feel bigger, and the use of different shades within the print can create depth and visual interest. Incorporate a matching rug or window treatment to ensure the overall look is cohesive and well balanced.

If you’re aiming for a more subtle look, minimal patterns can help to make your small bathroom feel wider and more spacious. Geometric shapes, simple stripes and abstract designs in soft neutral tones all work well, allowing other decor features to shine.

A darker background can visually expand your bathroom and give it a sense of depth, so consider using it on the ceiling as well as the walls. This will create a striking feature that helps to pull your bathroom design together and draw the eye to the height of your ceiling.

Alternatively, brightly coloured wallpapers can also work to open up a small bathroom and introduce a sense of energy to the space. For a dramatic impact, pair your wallpaper with an equally vibrant rug for an on-trend look.

Textured wallpapers are another great way to add dimension to a small bathroom. The realistic texture of stone or wood adds character and elegance, and can also complement the finish of your fixtures and fittings for a coordinated and polished look.

If you want to limit the amount of maintenance required, opt for vinyl or non-woven wallpapers that are easier to clean and will be more resistant to splashes and spills. These are also a great choice for bathrooms where you might use harsh chemical cleaners on a regular basis.

In a slimline space, it’s often best to let the bathroom wallpaper dominate two of the walls to elongate the length of the room. This can be particularly effective in a curved or slanted layout, where it’s harder to make a room feel square or rectangular.

To tie your entire space together, use the tones from your wallpaper in your cabinet hardware and other decor accents. For example, this kiwi-and-purple floral design works perfectly with the green tones used in the vanity and wicker framed mirror. This allows the kaleidoscope pattern of the wallpaper to really pop and elevates the overall look of your powder room.

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