How to Use Bold Wallpaper to Make a Statement in Your Home

When it comes to making bold statements in a room, few things are more exciting than wallpaper. Whether you go for a colorful tropical print or a modern geometric design, patterned wallpapers add instant personality and visual impact to any space. Using a bold pattern on an accent wall or throughout your entire living space is sure to impress, but it’s best to use the design sparingly so as not to overwhelm small spaces.

Bold wallpaper is a great way to create a dramatic backdrop that can easily be complimented with a variety of furniture styles and color schemes. It’s also a wonderful option for hallways, powder rooms, and smaller bathrooms where more attention-grabbing designs can be used without overtaking the room.

The bold print trend is gaining momentum, with many homeowners and designers experimenting with on-trend florals and tropical patterns. Other popular options include retro paisley wallpaper and sophisticated damask motifs. Choosing a non-pasted bold wallpaper is a traditional choice that requires a bit more effort to install, but the high-quality materials and professional finish will provide a lasting impression.

For a truly stunning statement, consider a mural wallpaper that displays an imposing scene that naturally draws the eye. For example, this Priano Wallpaper from Serena & Lily showcases an elegant botanical design with a watercolor quality that makes it feel delicate and graceful rather than overwhelming and overpowering. Mural wallpaper is ideal for rooms that need to be more visually stimulating, such as a bathroom or office, but it can even be used in bedrooms or dining rooms for a more relaxing atmosphere.

While interior designers typically advise against covering too much space with bold patterns, they often suggest using a bold wallpaper on an accent wall or in the space above a fireplace hearth. This allows the room to still have a focal point that stands out, but it also prevents the patterned wallpaper from competing with an existing piece of art or the furniture itself.

Using a bold wallpaper on an accent wall is also a great way to introduce the pattern into a room with a lot of hard surfaces, such as tile and stone. This helps soften the look and create a sense of visual movement that will bring life to any space.

If the idea of putting up wallpaper scares you to the point where you can’t even think about it, start by adding a small strip or square of bold pattern to a corner of the room. This will allow you to get accustomed to the look and feel of the material, and it can be very easy to remove and replace when you want to try something different. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the process, you can move on to larger scale projects like foyers and guest bathrooms. As long as you’re careful and patient, you can achieve a beautiful and bold result in no time at all!

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