Inspire Wanderlust With a World Map Wall Mural

A world map wall mural is an eye-catching and informative piece of decor that will elevate any room. It’s a great choice for kids rooms because it can inspire their curiosity and love of travel and geography. It can also be used in home offices and commercial spaces to add a sense of global perspective. You can even choose a mural that features specific countries and their cultures to create an exotic accent wall.

Our collection of world map murals includes different styles of maps that are sure to suit your décor preferences. For example, you can find a modern world map mural that’s full of color and details that make it look like a painting. Or, you can find a vintage-style antique map that’s framed with an aged brown earth tone and has an elegant appearance. There are even maps that focus on the continents with their various geographic features.

These murals are also durable and can withstand a lot of abuse, making them a good choice for high traffic areas. Plus, they’re easy to hang and will not fade over time. This is why we use FabriTac, a self-adhesive fabric that’s safe to use and makes it easy to remove and reposition your map mural without damage to your walls.

Inspire Wanderlust With a World Map Mural

A decorative world map is an eye-catching accent for your living room or dining room. The map murals in this collection are full of details and are crafted from high quality paper that’s fade-resistant. Some designs are also made with a laminated surface that protects the wallpaper from scratching and staining.

You can also find a variety of different styles of world map wallpaper for children’s bedrooms. Some designs have fun colors, while others have images of different countries and their cultures. A few of these world map wallpapers are also interactive and allow kids to mark the places they have visited or dream of traveling to. These playful map wallpapers are an excellent way to enhance a bedroom, playroom or even a classroom.

For an office or conference room, you can get a world map wallpaper with detailed continents that show terrain types and time zones. Or, you can opt for a political world map that provides an overview of the world’s nations and capital cities. This world map mural is a good choice for an executive suite because it’s both informative and stylish.

No matter which type of world map you choose for your space, these wall coverings will give you a sense of the globe’s diverse landscape and its various cultures. You can also use them as a conversation starter and as a way to encourage your family’s love of travel and exploration. So, get out there and explore! And when you’re done, you can show off your travel-inspired home decor. You can even display your world map wall mural as part of a travel-themed party or as a backdrop for photos of your family’s many adventures.

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