Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper

Farmhouse wallpaper is a popular style that brings home a sense of warmth and relaxation. The soothing patterns and colors often found in farmhouse styles create a tranquil backdrop that effortlessly blends with various decor styles, enhancing your home’s welcoming ambiance. The beauty of modern farmhouse is its ability to reflect the needs of our times — from the proliferation of meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices to a return to simpler ways of living — choosing pastures over city streets and barns over apartment buildings.

As the popularity of modern farmhouse continues to rise, many of us are searching for ways to add this comfortable, cozy style to our homes without having to completely renovate. Fortunately, there are a number of easy and affordable ways to get the look you want in your home, such as adding a farmhouse-inspired wallpaper.

The modern farmhouse style takes traditional elements of a home and adds clean lines, modern home accents and neutral color palettes for a contemporary feel. One of the best ways to add modern farmhouse style to your home is with a modern birch tree wallpaper design. This earthy woodsy wallpaper will make an eye-catching feature wall in your home and it will work well in a variety of room designs, from a sunroom to a kitchen.

Another way to give your space a modern farmhouse look is by using a herringbone wallpaper. Susan, from Table for 5 Please, hung this beautiful herringbone wallpaper in her entryway to make the wall stand out. She also used it in her mudroom to match the shiplap she added to the room.

Buffalo check is a popular pattern in modern farmhouse and it’s easy to see why. Genny, from Our Home on the Ridge, used this buffalo check wallpaper to surprise her daughter with a new room. She even added some shiplap and her daughter absolutely loves the room.

A more classic modern farmhouse wallpaper is a simple navy striped wallpaper. This timeless print will look good in any room and it will easily blend in with most other decor.

You can also add a more unique modern farmhouse wallpaper to your space by using a faded chevron-like pattern. This modern print will blend in with most modern design styles and it will be a great complement to any neutral or minimalist style.

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