Modern Farmhouse Wallpaper

Farmhouse wallpaper is an easy way to bring a fresh, cozy, and relaxing look to any room. From classic plaid pattern wallpapers to more modern and minimal farmhouse style options, we have a wide variety of designs for you to choose from in this collection. We also offer a few barn-like and wood paneling wallpapers to add a more rustic feel to your home. If you’re looking to make your space more calming, try out our nature-inspired sage green wallpaper or our moody forest print that will bring the outdoors in.

While traditional farmhouse design features country fabrics and a full range of antiques, the modern farmhouse style is much less fussy and more elegant. The contemporary, yet homey vibe of the modern farmhouse is a great mix of comfort and sophistication.

The key to achieving this style is to use light neutrals as a base and include plenty of natural materials. Light cream, beige, gray, and sage green paint colors are great choices to create a clean and bright backdrop for your furnishings. Layering in salvaged woods with natural knots and nicks is a good way to add character and warmth. Natural wicker, sisal, and rattan are also great additions to any space.

Using vintage accents is another way to create the perfect modern farmhouse look. These elements can be added in the form of a simple piece of furniture like a dining or coffee table, or they can be incorporated into your wallpaper design. A simple wreath or a few vintage-inspired wall hangings can help tie your entire room together. If you want to get a little more modern, consider adding in a few accent metals. These can be found in your light fixtures, cabinet hardware, or even your kitchen backsplash. You can find many different metals to suit your taste, but it is important to only use a few accent metals per room.

When you’re ready to take your modern farmhouse look up a notch, consider using a subway tile wallpaper as an accent wall in the kitchen. This looks great in any kitchen, and will instantly add a classic and timeless touch to your space.

For those who love the rustic and natural feel of this style, but don’t want to go as dark or sage, try this distressed white textured wallpaper. The texture is very subtle and will still allow your other elements to stand out in the room.

Lastly, if you’re trying to achieve the perfect modern farmhouse style, then don’t forget to add in a few pieces of functional decor. Whether it be a basket for storage, a rustic planter, or some rustic woven wall art, these pieces can really bring your modern farmhouse look together. These items are also a great way to show off your personality and create your own unique style!

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