Small Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

In a small bathroom, wallpaper has an even more profound impact than in larger rooms. The space is tight and there’s often little to no natural light, making it the ideal room for a bold print. The right pattern can brighten a powder room and add instant personality to any guest suite. And since there are no other surfaces to cover, a bathroom is a great place to get experimental and go all out with a creative motif or color scheme that might not work in another part of the home.

A wide selection of designs means there’s a perfect wallpaper for every small bathroom. Floral patterns are ideal for this type of room as they can envelop the space with their intricate blooms without feeling too busy. A coordinating color palette helps to balance the space too, adding a sense of harmony. Alternatively, a geometric design is sure to make an impression. This blue geometric wallpaper adds a contemporary feel to any bathroom and pops against the red vanity and glossy floor in this space.

Another option is to go for a neutral wallpaper and let the design of the bath tile ideas take centre stage. This approach allows you to update a bathroom without the cost and hassle of a full remodel, while also providing flexibility for future updates. If you’re not ready to fully commit to a new layout, consider covering one or two walls in a patterned paper. This will still have a dramatic effect while allowing the remaining walls to remain more neutral in style.

The best wallpaper for bathrooms is easy to clean, so look for options with a washable surface. Some feature foil print that reflects the light, bringing an element of sheen to the room. Others are available in matte finishes that can hide smudges and smears better, such as Graham & Brown Beadboard Pre-Pasted Wallpaper. The latter is available in a range of colours, including soft duck egg tones which work well in small bathrooms.

Those who want to embrace a bold print but have a limited budget can opt for a peel-and-stick paper that doesn’t require any paste, and can be removed and replaced easily. However, this type of wallpaper might not adhere as well to freshly painted surfaces. If you choose a self-adhesive option, be sure to thoroughly inspect the surface for any dents or flaws that might show through when it’s applied.

For a more permanent option, non-woven wallpaper can last a long time and is durable enough for the high moisture areas of a bathroom. It costs a bit more than other wallpaper but can be an investment worth the money. Make sure to properly prep your wall before installation by filling any dents, sealing cracks and priming before applying the wallpaper. This will help the paper stay put and keep it looking good for years to come. If you’re considering a non-woven paper, Rebel Builders recommends hiring a professional to apply the wallpaper for you as it requires a special adhesive to be installed correctly.

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