Wall Murals For Living Rooms

Whether you want to enliven your living room with a bold, colorful backdrop or create a tranquil atmosphere that exudes relaxation, the right wall mural can transform your space. Unlike traditional wallpaper, these large wall decor ideas require minimal effort and cost to install, making them an affordable way to update your interior design.

The latest trend in decorating your living room is using a painted mural to create an instant focal point. This wall art idea is easy to implement and offers endless possibilities for color combinations. You can use a mural to create an accent wall, frame a window or doorway, or even cover an entire room. Murals come in a variety of themes and styles, and you can find them for any budget. You can also choose a mural for your living room that complements your furniture or reflects the theme of your home’s architecture.

A painted mural looks just as elegant in a modern or contemporary living room as it does in a transitional or vintage-inspired interior. The key is to select a design that will be a true reflection of your personal style. Look through our collection of murals for living rooms to find the perfect backdrop or statement piece for your home.

Wallpaper may be having a moment, but murals are equally as stunning in any space. In fact, they are more versatile since they can be easily removed and replaced if you decide to redecorate. These one-of-a-kind wallcoverings can make your room feel bigger or smaller, depending on the type of pattern you select. For instance, murals with a metallic print reflect light and are ideal for dark rooms, while wallpapers that feature vertical or horizontal patterns emphasize a room’s height or width.

Nashville artist Charlotte Terrell paints murals on paneled birch wood, which are custom fit to each client’s room before being digitally scanned for a high-quality effect. The resulting wallcovering is an intimate work of art that will never be duplicated. This mural of a waterfall erupting through the trees makes this bedroom look like a peaceful oasis.

This mountain-themed mural adds a sophisticated touch to this reading nook. It pairs well with the woodsy textures of this space and the boho-inspired bedding, blending in with the overall feel of this cozy nook.

Kids’ bedrooms are a great place to experiment with a mural, as shown in this whimsical bedroom that features a cloud and rainbow-colored tree design. The mural is sure to delight little ones and encourage them to let their imaginations soar.

A textured, botanical-inspired mural can also be an excellent choice for the laundry room. It can help distract from the dirty clothes and may even inspire kids to recite their colors!

Another way to bring the outdoors in is by hanging a wall planter. This greenery-filled wall decor idea is an eye-catching alternative to a gallery hung on the walls, and it can be customized with your favorite plants and flowers.

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