Choosing Floral Wallpaper For Walls

Floral wallpaper is a classic choice for a variety of rooms in the home. From living rooms to bathrooms, bedroom walls to hallways – this romantic style is ideal for all spaces. Its enchanting floral patterns can be found in many different styles and eras, so you can easily find one to suit your specific needs.

The most popular flower motifs include roses, lilies, and sunflowers; the latter also symbolising unbridled joy and positive feelings. Besides these, butterflies can add a touch of delicateness to your wall decor, while birds are harbingers of spring and summer.

Colours and effects of floral wallpaper

The colours red, blue, and black play an important role in the look and feel of a wallpaper. The strong colour signal or cherry red, for example, evokes passion and fire; the more delicate shades of claret or vermilion represent elegance and class. Dark blue, on the other hand, has a calming and balancing effect; if this is combined with the right design, you can create an eye-catching room setting which will appeal to any discerning decorator.

In addition, dark-coloured floral wallpaper models exude a certain mysticism and mysteriousness; the light colours tend to focus the eyes and give the wall decoration a striking and dynamic effect. For example, floral designs inspired by Baroque and Art Nouveau are enhanced by darker wallpapers.

A great way to balance busy floral wallpaper is by hanging prints or photos on the walls around it. Then, place a wide mat between the picture and the floral wallpaper to equalize the visual impact. Frames and mirrors can add a special touch, too, if they are large or carved or gilded.

You can also choose to have your floral wallpaper paired with other decorative accents such as furniture, accessories, or paint colors to create a complete room. You can even go for a mural-like design that’s a little more dramatic and moody than your usual floral pattern.

Choosing the best floral wallpaper for your space can be tricky, but if you know what to look for you’ll have a much easier time choosing a design that’s perfect for your space. First, decide on what style of flower you want to feature on your walls. Do you want large blooms or small petals? Next, consider what other floral patterns you like and how well they match your furniture and decor.

When you have the perfect floral wallpaper, you’ll be ready to make a big impact in your space! The right flowers can transform any space, so get out your paint brush and let the creative juices flow.

If you’re not a big fan of florals, jungle wallpaper is a fantastic alternative for your home. These green wallpapers are a natural choice for a space that may be too busy with floral prints, and can be paired with a variety of other accents to achieve the exact aesthetic you’re after.

If you’re unsure about what floral wallpaper for your wall will be the right choice, take a look at our range of botanical wallpapers from artist/designer Ellie Cashman. Her designs have been influenced by original drawings and paintings of flowers and foliage, and are available in an array of colors and styles.

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