How to Use Bold Wallpaper in Your Home

A bold print wallpaper makes a big statement and breathes life into rooms large and small whether it’s a colorful tropical print or a modern geometric design. The trick to using this style successfully is to have a good eye for color and balance, because even the most beautiful patterns can quickly overtake a space if not handled properly.

Bold wallpaper brings drama to your walls and creates a sense of depth that paint can’t match. The designs are often inspired by nature, culture, or history creating a feeling of grandeur. With the right color palette and accessories you can create a room that tells your personal story while still looking fresh and contemporary.

While many homeowners are afraid to use bold wallpaper it is easier than ever to find a beautiful option for your home. Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors that can work with your space no matter what your color preference is. Bold colors like blues and greens can look very sophisticated when used in the right space while yellows and orange can give a room a vibrant feel.

Patterns are also a popular choice for wallpaper with many different options to choose from whether it’s a traditional floral, geometric repetitive shapes, or psychedelic inspired swirls. Many homeowners have chosen to add a feature wall with a bold patterned wallpaper and then cover the rest of the walls with wainscoting, chair rail, or wall paneling in a contrasting color. This helps to keep the eye from getting overwhelmed by a busy pattern and can be a great way to introduce a new color into your home.

Even neutrals can be considered bold when it comes to wallpaper. If you have a soft gray or sage green wallpaper that you love then pairing it with accent pieces in deep navy blue or passionate red can create a very striking and unique look. In fact, any color can be considered bold when it’s paired with the right wallpaper and a design that suits your taste and personality.

Choosing a furniture and decor for your room can be tricky when you’re working with bold wallpaper because the colors of the furniture can easily clash and compete with the design of the wallpaper. However, with a little careful planning it’s possible to choose a color scheme that will make your bold wallpaper look amazing in any room of your house.

The most important thing to remember when working with bold wallpaper is that it’s a piece of art that should be appreciated and admired. If you aren’t willing to take a chance on something that may not work then maybe it isn’t the right wallpaper for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new and bold in your home because it can create a stunning and unique look that is sure to be the envy of everyone who visits your house.

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