Jungalow Wallpaper – Sunset by Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is an American designer and artist known for her boho aesthetic and lifestyle brand, Jungalow. This website started as a design blog in 2009 and has since grown into an online retail shop featuring her own line of home decor items. The company has also collaborated with various companies including Anthropologe and Lulu & Georgia. These days, Jungalow offers everything from home decor to art and even wallpaper.

Justina Blakeney, the company behind Jungalow, has released a new collection of wallpaper in a mystical jungle motif. “Sunset” features deep teal green, rich marigold, and tangerine colors. The wallpaper features original watercolor art by Justina Blakeney. The collection is exclusively available at Jungalow. This collection is perfect for anyone looking to decorate their home with a jungle-inspired aesthetic.

Justina Blakeney, a lifestyle blogger, created the jungalow style, combining elements of the jungle and the bungalow into a new decor style. The style is designed to provide a relaxed environment and emphasize the power of nature and plants. The designer’s personal experiences with plants and other natural elements are reflected in her designs. If you are looking for a unique style that reflects your personality, you should definitely consider purchasing Jungalow wallpaper.

The color palette of this design is vibrant and fresh. It makes the kitchen appear bright and cheerful, and the patterned wall stickers on the walls will accentuate the effect. The jungalow room also focuses on pattern and color. You can decorate it using rattan furniture and a vintage brass table. In addition, a banana plant in the kitchen adds a tropical feel to the room. And, as a final touch, consider adding a patterned rug to create a tropical vibe.

When decorating with a jungalow style wallpaper, make sure to use natural colors and textures. Colors that look tropical are often more fun than neutrals. They can also help make a room feel more airy. A jungalow bedroom can also be more functional, as it lacks large pieces of furniture, and will not need as much furniture. A jungalow bedroom will be fresh and creative, allowing you to use a variety of colors and textures in the room.

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