Make a Big Impact With Bathroom Wallpaper

The small spaces of bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms are perfect for getting creative with your interior decor, as there’s less chance of the wallpaper clashing with other furnishings and fittings. With the right choice of bathroom wallpaper, you can make a big impact that will add personality to your small space, while also boosting its resale value.

Wallpaper is a popular choice for bathrooms because it’s able to withstand the steamy conditions and moisture that tends to be present in these spaces. Specialty vinyl wallpapers, designed to cope with moisture, are particularly suitable for bathrooms and are a quick and easy way to add style. This type of wallpaper typically comes with a pre-pasted backing, which makes it easier to install. It is recommended that you use a high-quality dispersion adhesive with your wallpaper to ensure an even surface and that it sticks securely.

Alternatively, you can use plain vinyl wall paper or a pre-pasted non-woven wallpaper. These options are a good choice for bathrooms that get very little natural light, as they will help to brighten up the space and create a fresh look. If you decide to use a non-woven vinyl wallpaper, you will need to add a coat of emulsion and a protective finish such as polyurethane after installation.

Textured wallpaper is a great option for bathrooms, as it can highlight beautiful features like arches and columns. Designer Abbe Fenimore used this minimal woven wallpaper to draw attention to the gorgeous arch in her powder room, while adding a textured backdrop to complement the natural wood tones of her vanity. This wallpaper also helps to tie in the modern art and other accessories that she incorporated into her room.

Bold patterns can also be a great choice for bathrooms, especially if they have a light color scheme. A textured or metallic paisley wallpaper, for example, will reflect the light and create an eye-catching feature in your small bathroom. For a more subtle effect, try a geometric pattern or floral wallpaper that will work well with the natural elements of your bathing area.

While maximalism is a popular trend in many homes, it can be too bold for smaller rooms such as bathrooms and cloakrooms. Narrow vertical stripes, such as those in this striped bathroom design by Mark D Sikes, are a great choice for narrow spaces as they will visually “stretch” the walls and open up the room.

Floral designs are a perennial favorite, and they can look stunning in any size bathroom. The flowers in this large-scale design by Hello Circus work especially well in this small bathroom, as the larger pattern and larger open spaces in the design help to create a sense of depth that can make your space feel larger.

Another option is to go for an animal print, and a fun wallpaper like this one by Breckenridge Paprika can really make a statement in a small bathroom. The soft salmon pink background keeps this bathroom from feeling too busy, allowing the kaleidoscopic pattern to really stand out.

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