Wallpaper Designs For Living Rooms

Wallpaper has long been a popular way to add interest and personality to living room décor, whether you opt for a calming neutral scheme or a vibrant pop of color. It’s also a great choice for highlighting an architectural feature like an alcove or chimney breast. There are a wide range of materials to choose from and plenty of patterns to suit your taste, from textured designs to geometric styles and even florals. You could even try a statement print such as a mural or faux brick finish.

To help narrow down your choices, start by selecting the type of pattern you want. From there, consider the color and design style to ensure that the wallpaper will work well with your furniture and decor, advises Halasz. A tropical motif, for example, may not be suitable for a formal lounge as it is too informal and would clash with the rest of the space.

It’s a good idea to choose a color that is harmonious with the size of your living room and the lighting conditions you have to deal with. This will create a sense of balance and harmony in the space and make it look larger and more spacious. For instance, lighter wallpaper colours are perfect for a small living room, as they help to visually expand the space and create the illusion of openness.

Other considerations when choosing a living room wallpaper include the scale of the pattern, its colour palette and texture. A more delicate, finely woven design will be more subtle and sophisticated than a bold print. Floral motifs can be particularly versatile and are a great option for those looking for a more traditional look. But don’t feel limited to florals – polka dots and geometric shapes can be equally effective if used with the right color palette.

Global influences continue to be a strong trend within interior design and there are plenty of new living room wallpaper designs that reflect this. One of the best is a palm tree print, which makes a stunning feature wall, especially when printed with a wicker effect. Another option is a Frida Kahlo-inspired floral design that features large palms and a coquettish pink.

Once regarded as fussy and dated, botanical prints are making a comeback in many homes and can be very effective in a modern living room. If you’re not sure about using a full floral motif, try papering just above the dade and painting the wall below in a timeless botanical green.

You can also use wallpaper to add character and texture to living room furniture such as bookcases or a sideboard. A strip of patterned wallpaper on the back of a cabinet or shelves can really enhance the appearance of these pieces and give them a designer finish. This is a particularly good idea if you can’t afford to wallpaper the entire living room and want to make a statement with only one or two walls.

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