Waterproof Wallpaper Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Wallpaper is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to transform a bathroom. It also adds instant personality and can embolden a space without the need for a lot of natural light. While it’s not the best choice for showers, toilet areas and full baths where splashes are a frequent occurrence, it can work well in powder rooms and other smaller bathrooms.

While it’s important to consider how much moisture your wallpaper can withstand, there are plenty of waterproof designs that will help you create a beautiful and functional washroom. The key is to find a design that combines a timeless pattern with a durable material, such as non-woven vinyl or woven cellulose. These materials are easy to clean, come in a wide range of colors and can be used on any wall surface, including drywall. If you’re concerned about durability, opt for a vinyl or cellulose wallpaper with a laminate coating that will protect the paper from water damage.

A classic, timeless style, floral wallpaper works in any bathroom, but it’s especially good in small spaces because larger patterns can make walls appear wider and taller. To make a bold floral design more restful, choose a neutral color scheme that will complement other design elements in the room.

Another bathroom staple, tile-inspired wallpaper is another great option for a small bathroom. These wallpapers are often water-resistant and easy to maintain, and they’re an affordable alternative to real tile. To make a tile-effect wallpaper even more cost-effective, consider choosing a pre-pasted version that doesn’t require any additional adhesives.

If you’re worried about the practicality of a patterned wallpaper in a powder room, use it on only one or two walls and pair it with solid-color tiling on the remaining surfaces. This allows you to change out your wallpaper in the future and ensures that your space is still fully functional.

A graphic, quirky theme like this fun ostrich print is a great way to introduce a sense of character into a powder room. Pair it with navy-painted vanities and matching accessories for a striking look that’s sure to impress guests.

Bird wallpaper is another great bathroom option that can be a little bit more adventurous than a simple floral. Larger bird motifs can actually work to make a powder room feel bigger as they distract the eye from narrow walls, while a variety of colours and patterns can complement any interior style.

For a more modern, masculine vibe, opt for a textured chevron wallpaper that evokes menswear suiting. This Cole and Son design was the perfect fit for this powder room’s dark accents and classic black fixtures, and it helped to give this bathroom a one-of-a-kind feel.

For a calming bathroom with a spa-like atmosphere, opt for nature-inspired motifs, such as a forest scene or a frond-inspired design. These designs can help create an idyllic place to recharge, and they often complement the wood accents of a classic vanity.

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