Black Wallpaper For Walls – How it Can Transform a Room

Many people steer clear of black wallpaper for fear it can make their home look bleak, but dark designs can actually give rooms a stylish, bold and striking feel. Whether you’re looking to create a refined dining room, a sophisticated lounge or a luxurious bedroom, there’s something about black wallpaper for walls that just works.

Plain black wallpaper does run the risk of being overpowering if used to paper an entire room, but it’s ideal for a feature wall or even as an accent wall in a smaller space where you can paint around it with a bright colour to avoid making the room feel boxed in. For a really dramatic effect you can also go for black striped wallpaper which adds depth to a space and gives the impression of layers, shadow and light.

The haptic quality offered by a black wallpaper can also be heightened with an embossed design. For example, our Anaglypta wallpaper has a raised pattern to it that’s mesmerising to behold. The textured appearance of the wallpaper also works well in combination with metallic accessories like photo frames, vases and ornaments which stand out beautifully against the backdrop of black. If you’re leaning into the gothic theme that many of these designs evoke, there are plenty of accessories like skull ornaments, black flower pots and candles to help pull your look together.

Dark wallpapers are great for showcasing a piece of artwork or a striking furniture piece as they act like a canvas to show off what’s on display. A black patterned wallpaper, such as our Tropical Jungle print, is perfect for this as it will allow your artwork to shine and really come into its own without competing with the design of the wallpaper.

Black is also a popular choice for a kitchen wallpaper or bathroom wallpaper as it’s a timeless, neutral color that will work with almost any style of decor. It’s the classic color of luxury, and it’s been associated with wealth and elegance since ancient times with Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors using it lavishly.

If you’re looking for a more subtle effect, there are many different types of black textured wallpaper to choose from. If you want to add texture without going for a patterned black wallpaper, there’s our Black Stripe Wallpaper which is subtle and elegant.

You could also opt for a more abstract black wallpaper such as our Smoke in Monochrome which features bold brushstrokes punctuated by white giving it a lighter touch. Black and white textured wallpapers are another great option for those who want to add texture with an abstract twist to their home. These styles are also excellent for those with a low ceiling as the white helps to reflect light around the space rather than absorbing it.

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