Choosing Bathroom Wallpaper for Small Bathrooms

Wallpaper is a classic and stylish option for any room in the home, but it’s especially well suited to small bathrooms. Due to their smaller size, the walls are less likely to compete with the pattern or color of the wallpaper, so you can get a little more adventurous with your design. Plus, unlike paint, wallpaper is a durable material that can stand up to splashes and steam.

The right bathroom wallpaper can make your space feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting, but there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, avoid watery or muddy colors, which can be a magnet for dirt and mold. Second, if you’re using the space to wash your hands, consider choosing a water-resistant or waterproof option that can stand up to splashes and moisture. And lastly, if you’re using the space for bathing, be sure to install a clear acrylic or perspex splashback to protect the wallpaper from water damage.

When it comes to patterns, larger scale prints work best in smaller spaces because they can visually expand the room. Large florals, leafy motifs, and geometric wallpapers are all great choices for a small bathroom as they add texture, dimension, and visual interest without making the room feel cramped or cluttered.

If you’re looking to create a simple colour scheme, choose a wallpaper with a consistent background tone that matches your flooring or bath tile ideas to ensure a cohesive look. Then, accent the wallpaper with a few key accessories that bring in the elements of the pattern or color to help tie everything together. For example, designer Peter Spaulding chose a blue bird-patterned wallpaper for this windowless powder room and matched it with wicker-framed mirrors to give the space an Italian countryside vibe.

Whether you’re creating a showstopping powder room or updating a compact family washroom, wallpaper is a smart and cost-effective choice. Just be sure to test your wallpaper in the space before going all in, as colors can sometimes change dramatically in a light-box setting.

A textured pattern can add interest to small spaces and complement any finish, from polished brass fixtures to natural stone tiles. Use this opportunity to try out a new design trend or even embrace the coastal grandmother aesthetic that’s so popular right now.

While a bold patterned wallpaper might not be appropriate for a powder room, it can definitely add personality to a kids’ bathroom or guest bath. If you choose a fun theme, like this jungle-themed Cole and Son paper, be sure to balance the design with plenty of neutral elements to prevent it feeling overly juvenile. You can also try a neutral but vibrant wallpaper, like this sky blue geometric, for a modern yet timeless space that will stand the test of time. Just be sure to pair it with solid-colored accessories that can easily be swapped out when your kids’ tastes change.

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