Designer Wallpaper For Walls

A beautiful wall covering can be a stunning design element in any home. It can add texture, color or even pattern, but it can also serve as a canvas to express an interior design style. Designer wallpapers offer a way to create a room design that’s bold and distinctive.

The skills that a wallpaper designer must have include a strong eye for patterns and symmetry, impressive drawing skills and in the case of designers who work on custom designs, an ability to collaborate with clients on bringing their visions to life. The process starts with the designer producing a full or partial sketch of their design. This may be done on paper or digitally depending on the situation. Once this is complete, it is sent to a team or client for approval.

Once a final sketch is approved, the design will go into production. Some designers will have their designs printed on a variety of materials, including Trevira fabric or floral non-woven paper, which offers extra durability for high traffic areas. The design will then be coated with a waterproof resin to make it stain-resistant. Various printing processes are then used to realise the designs, including screen printing, gravure printing and surface printing. The latter is generally the most expensive option.

In addition to creating the initial design, wallpaper designers are also responsible for determining if a pattern is suitable for different color palettes, and they will often be required to attend trade fairs to keep on top of trends and work closely with buyers to address demand. They are also often required to produce a range of matching home items such as soft furnishings and light fixtures.

A well-chosen designer wallpaper is the perfect finishing touch to a room, bringing it to life with decorative beauty that complements and enhances the surrounding elements. It’s particularly effective in powder rooms, which can really benefit from a splash of color and a dramatic, statement-making design.

Wallpaper also works beautifully in living rooms, where it can add a luxurious feel and a sense of grandeur. Whether you choose a delicate damask print or a more exotic honeycomb motif, it’s a great way to make a real style statement.

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