Waterproof Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpapers for the home have slowly but surely gained popularity as a stylish, long-lasting alternative to plain painted walls. While some may be hesitant to put them up in their bathroom as it is a space that can often get messy and wet, waterproof wallpapers have been introduced that can help solve this dilemma!

Waterproof bathroom wallpaper can be found in various styles and patterns, making it easy to create a custom design that is truly unique. They can also be used as a creative way to cover up any existing blemishes or unevenness on your bathroom walls. Some of these papers can even be applied over tile to provide a smooth and cohesive look.

What are waterproof bathroom wallpapers?

Traditionally, wallpapers are made with paper as the carrier layer. However, the advent of modern technology has allowed manufacturers to create more sophisticated and durable papers with a variety of coatings. Some of these include vinyl, fiberglass, and PVC (which can be referred to as plastic polymer). These types of wallpapers are highly resilient and can handle contact with water, humidity, and other environmental factors. They are also very affordable and can be easily installed in the bathroom.

When choosing waterproof wallpaper for your bathroom, be sure to choose a high-quality paper that is designed for the environment in which it will be installed. The best options are those that use modern adhesive compounds, have a smooth finishing and an added coating that helps to protect the surface. If you’re unsure of the type to purchase, consult with a professional or visit a showroom to view samples.

Waterproof wallpapers are designed with a special coating that protects the surface from moisture, soap scum, and mildew. This coating is applied to a vinyl film that’s laminated on top of either paper, fabric, or a solid vinyl material. This makes it one of the most sturdy and strong varieties available.

This is the most important factor in creating a functional bathroom. Wallpaper that’s not waterproof can become warped and damaged by moisture and steam, as well as mold and mildew. It’s also worth mentioning that wallpaper with a textured surface is not recommended for the bathroom as it could trap dirt and encourage mold growth.

As an extra precaution, it’s a good idea to apply a clear acrylic decorator’s varnish over your new bathroom wallpaper to increase its resistance against humidity and moisture. This will also help to keep the wallpaper looking fresh and pristine for longer. In addition, be sure to keep the bathroom ventilated as much as possible to reduce humidity levels and prevent excess moisture. It’s also a good idea to use a silicone caulking around the edges of the wallpaper to help seal the edges from peeling or curling.

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