Floral Wallpaper For Walls – A Feminine Touch

Floral wallpaper for walls adds a feminine touch to any interior, from traditional to contemporary. From blooming greenery and flamboyant flowers to dripping vines and cascading blossoms, we have a huge selection of floral designs that will suit any space. Choose from single flower or whole a bouquet of them – and even opt for textured floral wallpaper for a softer finish to any room.

With over 400,000 different flower species, there’s no shortage of beautiful designs to inspire you. Our floral wallpaper collection features everything from flamboyant orchids and lilies to more subtle berries and petals, so whatever your taste or style, you’ll find a wallpaper design that fits perfectly.

There’s also a huge variety of scale and color, from tight patterns as seen in Morris & Co designs to large painterly blossoms. This means that you can create a truly personal space by choosing a floral wallpaper that suits your specific room or taste, whether you want a small tight design or a larger more maximalist style.

The colors of the flowers can also play a big part in how well they work within any space. Brighter flower wallpapers like yellow and cyan work well with lighter color schemes, whilst deeper greens and purples tend to complement darker decor. Blue is another popular choice for floral wallpaper, as it is calming and can work well in bedrooms, whilst violet and lilac flower wallpapers are often used to create bold statements in living spaces.

Alternatively, there’s also the option of dark floral wallpapers, which have become really popular for their moody and refined look. Dark pinks and dusky roses are particularly popular for this type of wallpaper, as they evoke feelings of love and romance, but you can also go for black, brown or grey flower wallpaper to add drama to your space.

Finally, there are also a number of botanical wallpapers that give you that nature-inspired look without being too floral. There are lots of leafy options such as palm and tree designs that will give your room a modern feel, as well as wild botanical wallpapers that bring an energising feel to any space.

So, what are you waiting for? Our stunning collection of flower wallpapers is sure to inspire you and your space, so take a browse now. You can also use our wallpaper preview tool to see how a particular design will look before ordering, so you know that your new wallpaper is going to be perfect!

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