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Office wallpaper is a great way to spruce up an office, or even just an individual workspace. A variety of different styles and patterns mean there’s something to suit all tastes and personalities, and with washable wallpaper options, it’s a lot easier to maintain than painting.

Whether you’re a fair weather home worker, or glued to your desk five days a week, it’s important that your space is comfortable and energising. Adding new wallpaper to the room can really give your home office the wow factor and make it feel like your own. Home office wallpaper ideas that work well include floral designs that create a relaxing atmosphere or a marble photo wallpaper that achieves a modern, sleek look. Geometric or abstract wallpapers also offer a sophisticated style and work well with both modern and traditional decor.

If you want to keep things simple, consider a white wallpaper with subtle design detail. This works well for most rooms and will help to focus the eye.

For a bolder look, try a wallpaper with a strong print. This works well in larger rooms and can be used to highlight a specific area of the room. For example, use a statement pattern on a focal wall and paint the rest of the room in a complementary colour to tie the look together.

Wallpaper can be installed over existing paint. Just remember to choose a wallpaper with a similar color to the existing paint to ensure a smooth transition.

Home office wallpaper ideas that are effective for business use include those that reflect the specific nature of a profession. For example, a lawyer might wish to convey seriousness and reliability so premium-quality wallpaper with a clear, formal design is a good choice. Engineers and teachers might prefer balancing, minimalist designs which reduce stress levels. Alternatively, a more feminine wallpaper design can create the right working atmosphere. For example, a floral pattern, shabby chic, or a coastal themed wallpaper can help to motivate female employees.

Office wall coverings not only beautify a business’ interior design, they can help to improve the productivity and efficiency of staff. In commercial offices, high-quality Class A fire rated wallpaper is an excellent option for reducing exterior noises such as traffic and construction as well as absorbing interior echo noises which can distract team members.

Commercial office wallpaper is easy to install and offers a quick return on investment. As well as being easier to clean than painted walls, it’s also a more cost-effective solution. Moreover, many types of office wallpaper are fire-rated to ASTM E-84/CCC408D standards, making them an ideal choice for businesses that need to meet strict interior specifications. Washable wallpaper is also a smart choice for high-traffic areas as it’s easy to wipe down and sanitise.

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