Jungalow Wallpaper – 3 Essential Ingredients for a Jungalow Look

Whether you’re an avid follower of Justina Blakeney (#plantlady goddess) or just dipping your toe into the bohemian style, jungalow wallpaper is a great place to start. The jungalow aesthetic is all about using bold colors, eclectic designs, and natural elements that reflect your inner spirit. If you’re looking to revamp your space with a jungle-inspired design, keep in mind these tips to get the look right.

The first ingredient is saturated color. Jungalow wallpapers and fabrics are often bright, with a palette that combines both warm and cool shades. Teal, for instance, is a popular color among Jungalow enthusiasts. The saturated colors don’t have to be solids, however, as many jungalow decor items feature colorful graphics, such as floral patterns and geometric shapes. Motifs from Africa, South America, and the Asian Pacific are particularly popular for jungalow decor, but you can find any style that speaks to your soul.

Another essential ingredient is natural textures. While neutral-colored rugs, linen curtains, and textured wall art are great options for this look, using natural textiles is the best way to tie your room together. Incorporate handmade or artisanal textiles in your jungalow, such as a woven basket or embroidered pillow. Also, try incorporating accent pieces that incorporate global finds or unique materials, like brass animal planters or clay pottery.

Lastly, jungalow decor is often adorned with plants and greenery. Indoor plants are a major part of the jungalow aesthetic, as they add an organic element that refreshes any space. Plants are also the perfect opportunity to incorporate rich colors, as they can be framed in rattan baskets or hung on the wall in a hanging planter.

While some people have difficulty navigating the jungalow style, it is easy to achieve if you’re willing to take a risk and let your personality shine through. Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you find your perfect style, from jungalow wallpaper to jungalow furniture.

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