The Best Wallpaper For Living Room

Whether you’re creating a magical haven or a gorgeous formal space, the best wallpaper for living room can transform your home’s most cherished area. With so many options to choose from, you can find a style, pattern and material to suit your space and budget.

From natural textures like grass cloth to shimmering metallics, there’s a wallpaper for every taste. Popular motifs include floral, botanical, geometric and abstract patterns.

Choosing the right colour scheme is also essential, depending on how you use your living room. Darker shades can bring a sense of elegance and grandeur, while neutrals can make rooms feel spacious and open. If your space is compact, lighter hues such as grey can make it look more intimate.

Wallpaper isn’t just for covering walls – you can also use it to highlight architectural features like alcoves and chimney breasts or even add some flair to the fifth wall, the ceiling. It’s a great way to really showcase your personality and express your personal style, with the ability to add both subtle accents or more bold statement pieces that really stand out.

While some people may think of wallpaper as a bit old-fashioned, the truth is that the right design can add plenty of character and style to a living room. For example, a geometric print can add an extra layer of interest to your space without overwhelming it, while the classic polka dot motif is perfect for adding some fun and whimsy.

Another stylish wallpaper option is to use a print with a textured finish, such as the woven design seen in this living room. It’s a perfect complement to the warm timber furnishings, helping to create an inviting and stylish scheme.

Natural materials are also a popular choice for wallpaper for living rooms, especially those who want to add an organic touch to their home. Using wallpaper with a bio-mimicking pattern can give you the illusion of reclaimed wood or even real stone and brick. Alternatively, you can go with the softer touch of a watercolour effect, which is great for a more calming and tranquil space.

Blue wallpapers are a beautiful addition to any living space, as they promote relaxation whilst balancing energy levels. The many different shades of blue make for a vast selection of ideas, from a nautical theme to tropical oases and coquettish romanticism.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full-room wallpaper install, why not try an accent wall instead? This is an excellent way to test out a new style or pattern and see how you get on with it. The possibilities are limitless, from a botanical print to a geometric pattern or even a bespoke mural. The key is to pick a style that will compliment your furniture, and don’t forget to pick a coordinating shade. Then, once you’ve decided on your new look, simply paint over the rest of the room with matching wallpaper to complete the transformation.

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