Wall Murals For Living Rooms

Whether you’re looking for a focal point in the living room or just want to enliven an accent wall, a mural can bring big impact to any space. From blousy florals and contemporary painted designs to architectural wonders and landscapes, the options are limitless.

A mural can act as a backdrop to a gallery wall, or as the starring feature of a cozy sitting area complete with a sofa and pillows. The best murals for living rooms feature an image that elicits happiness and relaxation, which is perfect for this area of the home where families gather and guests are entertained.

Many designers use a painted mural as an alternative to wallpaper, and the results can be equally stunning. Whether you choose a hand-painted option from a company like Gracie, Fromental, or De Gournay, or opt for a simple color wash, the process is similar: You tape off the desired area with painters tape and then apply a wash using a brush. Then you can fill in the shapes with an accent color, such as a deep green or navy blue, and finish the project by hanging your furniture.

If you’re feeling more ambitious than a simple color wash, consider a detailed landscape mural. This type of wall art is easy to sketch (the outlines don’t have to be precise) and paint, and the finished result will look like it was hand-painted, despite being much quicker to install than a wallpaper. A mountain landscape is a popular choice, but you can also opt for a beach scene or another scenic option.

Even a bathroom can benefit from the addition of a mural. The striped pattern on this one is bold and fun, and the bright yellow hue helps to brighten up the space. It’s the kind of colorful wall that’ll surely be the subject of many Instagram selfies.

Adding a mural to a bedroom can be a great way to make the space feel enchanted, whether you go for a woodsy foliage design or this water-color print with subdued gray brushstrokes. The result is a bedroom that feels both relaxing and romantic, and it perfectly complements the wicker bed frame and white rug in this home by Mary McGee.

A mural can also serve as an interesting contrast to framed art, as seen in this media room by Miles Redd. The dimensional sculptural pieces and geometric paintings add visual interest to the wall without competing with the more organic nature of the mural.

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