Wallpaper For Kitchen – Create a Vibrant Atmosphere

If you love to cook, bake or entertain, you’ll find kitchen wallpaper an easy way to add a personal touch and create a lively atmosphere in your home. There’s a huge choice of kitchen wallpaper ideas, from bold patterns that give your space a rush of adrenaline to delicate floral designs and soothing color schemes. In a small space, patterned kitchen wallpaper can also help make your room feel larger by adding visual interest.

If your kitchen is open to another space, a coordinating wallpaper can help zone the area, advises My Domaine. The choice of pattern and color is up to you, but a light-colored wallpaper with a large design will add the illusion of height. In contrast, darker wallpaper with a smaller design can make a room feel more confined.

There are countless ways to use kitchen wallpaper, whether you’re papering an accent wall or creating a whole new look with a bespoke splashback. To ensure a long lifespan and good cleanability, opt for wipeable wallpaper in a washable formula. This means a fabric-backed, non-woven or vinyl model. It’s essential to choose a pattern that complements your cabinetry, countertops and hardware colours, or you’ll risk it looking outdated over time.

A simple stripe or geometrical pattern can create an attractive focal point that doesn’t compete with your other furniture, suggests My Move. Or you could make a statement with an eclectic wallpaper mashup, like this one by KT II Design, Boston. Opposite styles and colors attract, as this mashup proves with its playful cat motif on an Arts & Crafts style background.

For a more luxurious feel, go for a surface-printed wallpaper with a raised, hand-painted finish. This traditional technique lends a tactile quality to your walls and, if you’re lucky enough to find a peel-and-stick option, makes for a simple DIY project.

To achieve the best adhesion and cleanability, smooth kitchen walls should be sanded down before applying the wallpaper. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for soaking and application, paying attention to any specific requirements for your wallpaper for kitchen.

If you don’t want to commit to wallpapering an entire kitchen, there are many other ways to add a little wallpaper inspiration to your home, including lining a wardrobe or dresser with a fun and coordinating print. You can even add a touch of whimsy to your pantry, by using a wallpaper that looks like a chalkboard, as shown by Emily Henderson.

The final tip for choosing the right kitchen wallpaper is to think about how much traffic your space sees. In a high-traffic area, you may need to opt for a durable, wipeable fabric to cope with the everyday wear and tear. Alternatively, consider using an acrylic or vinyl wall covering that’s easier to clean and more resistant to moisture than a paper-based product. You can also apply a water-repellent coating to any wallpaper for kitchen that you’ve chosen, to improve the finish and prolong its life.

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